Resurfacing Peel


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This all natural organic peel is packed full of antioxidants and multiple kinds of fruit extracts which encourage collagen, stimulate cellular renewal and brighten the skin. It has a pore refining effect and evens the complexion, helps minimise the appearance of fine lines, age spots, improves acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.

This highly active formula needs only 3-10 minutes to removes dead skin cells, renew the complexion, and improve skin tone and texture.


Suitable Skin Types: Ideal for acne-prone, oily/combination, dry and mature skin types.



  • Brightens your complexion and reduces acne scars, dark spots, blemishes, and dark pigmented areas
  • Refines large pores 
  • Helps minimise the look of fine lines
  • Helps brighten and even skin tone
  • Smoothes and resurfaces rough texture



Gently apply to the face, neck, and décolletage, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for approximately 3-10 minutes. Remove with water. A slight tingling is normal if burning sensation occurs please remove immediately. 

Use: 1-2 times per week


  • Aloe Vera Gel*
  • Papaya Extract*
  • Green Tea* Extract
  • Pineapple Extract
  • Licorice Root Extract*
  • Kakadu Plum Extract*
  • White Willow Bark Extract (Salicylic Acid)
  • Aloe Vera Extract*
  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Quandong Extract*
  • Essential Oils- Orange, Lemon





1 . Will I peel from the resurfacing peel? No, the resurfacing peel deeply exfoliates your skin and will only dissolve the dead skin cells.


2. Will this peel hurt? No, should not be painful at all. It is normal to feel a slight sensation of tingling if burning sensation occurs please remove immediately. 


3. Can the resurfacing peel help prevent premature signs of aging? Early use of the resurfacing peel will help to combat fine lines and wrinkles before they become noticeable. With consistent and continual use, it is effective in fighting the signs of aging such as age spots, uneven texture, dryness, dullness, etc.


4. Is it normal to experience redness and irritation while using this product? No. If you experience redness or irritation reduce usage frequency and amount used.


5. Does this product contain antioxidants? Yes, it contains Green Tea Extract that helps clear cell damage on the skin and repair wrinkles, blemishes or other impurities. When applied to the skin, Green Tea can reduce sun damage by reducing inflammation and tackling free radicals.


6. Will the resurfacing peel cause skin to become dry? No. This product leaves the skin nourished, radiant, soft and renewed to its natural perfection. It helps boost skin’s hydration levels


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